Oatmeal bars

My favorite snack to-go <3

These low-histamine bars are so easy to make. You literally need 5 minutes to prepare the mixture and then just watch and smell them bake 😀


200 g    Oatmeal

50 g      Rice Syrup (or any other)

25 g      Butter or plant based butter

20 g      Brown sugar

150 g    Apple cream (or almond cream)

100 g   Ground almonds

some Rice/almond (or other plant) “milk”


10 g o Vanilla sugar


Almond or coconut flakes, or white vegan chocolate


Heat butter, rice syrup and sugar (and vanilla sugar) in a bigger pot until it all blends together.

Add oatmeal, apple cream, ground almonds. Mix well together for 5 minutes on very low heat.

If you feel the mixture is too dry and is not sticking together, add some rice/almond milk until it’s all “connected”.

Put baking paper in a baking sheet and put the mixture it. Make sure you press it down.  The mixture should be around 1 cm high.

If you decided to decorate it with some almond/coconut flakes or white vegan chocolate, sprinkle it on the top.

Bake it on 130 degrees Celsius  for 25 min.

If you like soft bars, take them out, they are done.

If you like crunchy bars, take the mixture together with the baking paper out of the baking sheet and put back in the oven for 30-60 minutes on 130 degrees Celsius.

Wait until it cooled down to cut it.

Hope you like the recipe and you find these bars just as delicious as i do 😀

If you make my oatmeal bars, don’t forget to post a photo to Instagram and tag me under @histaminefreelife



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